Chris Goodall’s new book – Sustainability: All That Matters – was published by Hodder in November 2012. This short book sees sustainability as essentially an engineering issue. Using technology thoughtfully, can we build a global society that lives within its ecological means and provides all 9bn or so people in 2050 with a reasonable standard of living? Will the world run out of any important resources? How would we know when a society was sustainable? What consumption behaviours will have to change?

He is the author of Ten Technologies to Save the Planet, listed as one of the Financial Times Books of the Year 2008. A revised second edition called Ten Technologies to Fix Energy and Climate was published in December 2009. A North American edition was issued in April 2010 by Greystone Books. How to Live a Low-Carbon Life won the 2007 Clarion Award for non-fiction and was described by the New Scientist as ‘the definitive guide to reducing your carbon footprint’. A fully revised and expanded second edition was published in April 2010 in both hardback and paperback. He is also the author of The Green Guide for Business, and sits on the advisory boards of groups such as the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

He is a contributor to the Guardian, regularly delivers talks and presentations on climate change issues, and provides consulting advice to businesses and other institutions. Chris Goodall was the Green Party candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon at the 2010 UK general election. He performed lamentably.

He also works as a financial analyst of mass media for companies such as Enders Analysis and has been actively involved in the debates surrounding the News Corporation bid for BSkyB.

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  1. Helmut Lubbers’s avatar

    Humanity cannot be saved from demise by technology or hope or optimism.
    We must reduce and contract in order to return within the confines of the earth’s carrying capacity.

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