I do about 20 talks a year to commercial audiences. Most of my presentations are about the topics covered on this web site and in my newsletter but I am very happy to research new areas of interest, such as the global food system or trends in consumption.

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I have spoken in the last year to groups as diverse as a Middle Eastern national oil company, the FT Energy Transition conference, the Research Council of Norway, a Dutch supplier of equipment to the offshore oil industry, a New Scientist event, Lancaster University, a global audit and consulting company and a large sovereign wealth fund.

My aim is to provide interesting new ideas, firmly based on quantitative analysis, for both specialist and general audiences. I hope I communicate with energy, enthusiasm and clarity. I usually introduce a small amount of general science and technology but at a level easily understood by everybody.

My talks start from the perspective that it is overwhelmingly important that global decarbonisation is rapid and, second, that the existing energy companies are well-placed to profitably assist in this transition. Many of my recent assignments have come from businesses operating in the oil and gas sector although I am delighted, of course, to work for any group pushing for a better climate future.

I am represented by Maria Franzoni. Contact details are here.

Or, if you prefer, please contact me directly: chris@carboncommentary.com or +44 (0) 7767 386696.

Chris Goodall

May 2018.