Self promotion (with profuse apologies)

Thank you very much to Mr G. White for the latest review of 'Sustainability' on the Amazon web site. This is a short, small book but a frightening but necessary book to read. Chris Goodall is a very well regarded author on green and environmental issues but he is no 'tree hugger'. The facts are presented dispassionately looking at plain and simple economics, and practical aspects of resources and demand. This book is a fine general read - the sort of book that you can read on a train or air journey - but is a useful primer for students and teachers and those who have a more academic interest in the subject. This book is logically laid out, well written and authoritative. The amount of water required to 'make' one kilo of beef, or grow arable crops or make a pair of jeans should make us all sit up and take note, for example. Well recomme