Green Deal promises break laws of physics

I’m not sure that the Green Deal needs any more kicking than it is getting at the moment. But, as one illustration of why I want it buried quickly, here are four sentences from the recommendations produced in the Green Deal assessment for my house in August of last year.  

‘Based on this assessment, your home currently produces approximately 1.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.... Adopting the recommendations in this report can reduce emissions and protect the environment. If you were to install these recommendations, you could reduce this amount by 2.1 tonnes per year. You could reduce emissions even more by switching to renewable energy sources’.


In other words, the very nice assessor was promising me the very first carbon negative house in the world, without even using renewable energy. A world first and all by simply installing a bit more insulation! I think I am right in saying that this would break the laws of thermodynamics. That, and the several dozen other errors in the software that drives the Green Deal process, mean that people are systematically being offered inaccurate, expensive and utterly confusing advice in their assessments.